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Welcome to Bristol’s Library of Things!

Explore a treasure trove of items, from everyday essentials to specialised tools, in our Library of Things, operating in Kingswood and Bedminster.

Join us today and borrow Things sustainably and affordably.

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Don't buy, borrow!

You can make a difference in your community, by donating to our Library of Things. Pop in to Share Bristol Kingswood or Share Bristol Bedminster for a chat, or contact us online.

Want to start borrowing?

When you join Share Bristol you can start borrowing right away, from our Bedminster or Kingswood Library of Things. 

With us you can borrow the things you need to live your life. Whether it is a drill for a DIY project, a tent for a family holiday or a chocolate fountain for a party, we’re here to make your life better without harming the planet. And once you’re a member, it is free to borrow anything we have. 

Visit us at Share Bristol Kingswood on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and Share Bristol Bedminster on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

Join us, and become part of our sharing community.

Latest news

Borrow things - boy & guitar

Borrow the things you need

It’s a new way of sharing things in Bristol, so you may want to know a bit more about a Library of Things.

The gift of borrowing

Why not buy your loved ones the gift of a year of borrowing?

Get involved - Woman and box

Volunteer with us

Whether you want to help us look after our Things, help our community to borrow or make our space as welcoming as possible, we may just have a role for you.

I buy rather than borrow because...

"I had never considered borrowing, I didn't know it was possible"
Survey respondent
"I don't know many people well enough to ask to borrow things"
Survey respondent
"We didn't know where to borrow things from, so buying was more convenient"
Survey respondent
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