Borrow things from the borrow shop

This is what it’s all about! Why not borrow things, borrow tools and get those jobs around the home done and ticked off the to-do list? Or have friends and family round. Or bring fun and adventure back into our lives. Let’s live life to the full!

Get borrowing - Lady ordering

Get borrowing, visit the borrow shop!

Head to our library catalogue to see what we’ve got in the borrow shop, check availability and get booking. Please bear in mind that some items are very popular at certain times of year (spring garden spruce ups for example!). We have a limited amount of things, so we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular thing during a specific period. 

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Liability waiver

When you borrow something from the library you agree to keep it safe, keep yourself safe and return it in good condition (or let us know if there was a problem).

Request a thing - Missing piece

Can't find what you're looking for?

Our library is starting small, but growing. If we don’t have the thing your are looking for in our catalogue yet then please do put in a thing request. We’ll consider your request and if suitable we’ll put it on our wishlist and see if the local community can offer one. Or even better, if you know someone who might be willing to donate one, please have a chat and ask them! Carpet cleaners and pressure/jet washers are always on our wishlist.