Payment at till

Everyone should be able to join our sharing community. So we have three different ways to pay for annual membership of Share Bristol, to suit all budgets. Please get in touch if you need to discuss this on

Full access to all our Things across all Share Bristol locations. Price is equivalent to one cheap power tool, hiring a carpet cleaner twice, or two return train tickets to Taunton to borrow your friend’s things for free!

For those households on a low income or who are not in work. Select this membership and let us welcome you with open arms.

If you have the means, please consider becoming a Supporter Member. Each Supporter membership subsidises one concession membership, and helps more people to have access to the Things they need to live their lives. All the same benefits as the standard membership, but with the warm fuzzies of helping us invest in the Share Bristol community.

As a Supporter Member you’ll have free access to our events and workshops – increasing your confidence using our Things, learning a new skill for upcycling or repair, or listening to an inspiring talk.