About us

At Share Bristol we are making it easier for all in Bristol to borrow or repair the things they need to live their lives through a Library of Things – things such as tools for projects around the home and garden, kit for adventures and parties and more.

At Share Bristol our vision is that everybody shares. We want to see a network of high street community hubs – Libraries of Things – across the wider Bristol area. We opened Bristol’s first Library of Things in Kingswood on Sat 22 May 2021, why not visit us?

The Library of Things movement is growing across the globe, helping people save money and space in their homes, helping the environment by making good use of our resources and strengthening communities.

We believe that an affordable, inclusive, community Library of Things in every neighbourhood across the wider Bristol area is well overdue: 

  • Empowering individuals: Providing access to everyday things for all who live in Bristol and opportunities to share skills
  • Strengthening our community: Connecting like-minded people across Bristol, including opportunities to volunteer with us
  • Reducing waste: Lending infrequently used household items, reducing the need to buy.
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The evidence - stats discussion

The evidence

Why is sharing a good thing? What difference does it make? How does a Library of Things fit into this?

For everyone - Gingerbread people

For everyone

We you to have a great experience of Share Bristol. Yes, you! We’re hoping to create a safe environment for everyone.

Supporting the planet - Hedge heart

Supporting our planet

We want you to have a great experience of Share Bristol. And we don’t want it to cost the earth.

Your privacy - Remote hut

Your privacy

We you to have a great experience of Share Bristol. This usually means we need to know a little about you, such as your name and email address. We’ll keep it safe an not do anything unexpected with it.

Feedback and complaints - Thumbs up

Feedback and complaints

We want you to have a great experience of Share Bristol. We love hearing from you as it helps us to learn and improve.