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At Share Bristol we are making it easier for all in Bristol to borrow or repair the things they need to live their lives through a Library of Things – things such as tools for projects around the home and garden, kit for adventures and parties and more.

At Share Bristol our vision is that everybody shares. We want to see a network of high street community hubs – Libraries of Things – across the wider Bristol area. We opened Bristol’s first Library of Things in Kingswood in May 2021, why not visit us?

Some of the team of volunteers
Some of the Share Bristol team

The Library of Things movement is growing across the globe, helping people save money and space in their homes, helping the environment by making good use of our resources and strengthening communities.

We believe that an affordable, inclusive, community Library of Things in every neighbourhood across the wider Bristol area is well overdue:

  • Empowering individuals: Providing access to everyday things for all who live in Bristol and opportunities to share skills
  • Strengthening our community: Connecting like-minded people across Bristol, including opportunities to volunteer with us
  • Reducing waste: Lending infrequently used household items, reducing the need to buy.

Our directors

Judith Gordon
Judith bikepackingJudith has nearly two decades of experience in the not-for-profit sector, mainly with Sustrans, working across governance, quality management, business development, volunteer management and community events. She has also volunteered in the fields of canal restoration, scouting, church and the environment. Judith has qualifications in project management and data protection.

Judith was motivated to set up Share Bristol as she wanted to borrow things herself, and to help others to borrow too! She wanted to be able to lead a fuller life without clutter and needing to borrow things from people all the time. For Judith, the best part of the Library of Things is talking to members as they pick up and return their things, listening to their stories and how we help them.

Judith lives in Mangotsfield, South Gloucestershire and her favourite thing to borrow from the library is the projector and screen to watch films and play computer games, as she doesn’t have a TV.

Ben Smith
Ben playing guitarBen brings with him a decade of experience in the bike industry, doing everything from practical repairs to organising stock warehouses and running retail premises. He plays guitar and builds his own guitars and effect pedals, developing his knowledge of electronics. Ben is Share Bristol’s most practical person, the one we look to when things don’t work as they should!

Ben was motivated to set up Share Bristol as he would often borrow and lend things, and wanted to help others have the same opportunities. His favourite bit of volunteering at the Library of Things is ‘nerding out’ over power tools and seeing lots of things being borrowed so people don’t have to buy them.

Ben lives in Mangotsfield, South Gloucestershire and for his next project will be borrowing the bench saw and router to build a complex multi-level pedal board for guitar effects out of reclaimed wood.

Anna Perry
Anna is an experienced charity CEO, with two decades of experience in the public and third sector in various management and operational roles, with other interests in property and retail. Anna has an MBA and various qualifications in leadership, management and fundraising.

Anna was interested in Share Bristol as she is keen to decrease the negative impact of throwaway consumerism, help people get access to things they could not otherwise afford and support our local high streets. Her favourite part of volunteering at the library is seeing so many new things being donated and added to the catalogue, and feeling like we are making a tangible difference in the local area.

Anna lives in St George, Bristol and is currently refurbishing her house so is pleased to be able to borrow many things, from carpet cleaners to multi-meters, from safety glasses to wallpaper strippers.

Joe Hall
Joe has great all round knowledge of waste minimisation, waste legislation and effective resource use through roles with the Environment Agency and through completing a Masters degree in Sustainable Development focused on re-use and repair, particularly Bristol’s repair cafes.

Joe got involved with Share Bristol as he was motivated to be part of a community project focusing on sharing and re-use. His favourite part is talking to Share Bristol members and seeing them excited about being able to borrow all the different items.

Joe lives in Staple Hill, South Gloucestershire and is planning to borrow a jigsaw and attempt to make a spice rack soon!

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The evidence

Why is sharing a good thing? What difference does it make? How does a Library of Things fit into this?

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For everyone

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