Other ways of sharing in Bristol

Happy dog

Despite requests for private jets, campervans and dogs, Share Bristol can’t lend all things – sometimes you’ll need to look elsewhere in Bristol for your borrowing needs!

But if you have things you no longer need or don’t have space for, please see our wishlist or visit the reuse links below.

We’ve not tried out all the organisations and schemes below, they’re just ones we’re aware of – so do investigate them further for your own comfort and peace of mind.

Last updated: 26 April 2024

Books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, maps, sheet music

Kids things


Cars & lifts

Other borrowing schemes

We know not everyone will be able to get out to where we plan to set up initially, so here are some other sharing schemes that may work for you:

  • OLIO, give and get free stuff, borrow and lend household items, and shop for homemade things: olioex.com

Hire companies

Not as focused on community, but they may just have what you need. Search for the item you want to hire in your favourite search engine and if they’ve got it they’ll pop up in your results.

And finally dogs…

Please note that dogs are not “things” – they are not there to be used, but you can borrow them and share a bit of your heart with them: www.borrowmydoggy.com

directory of lending organisations is being built by Lend Engine, do look there too!