South Bristol campaign succeeds, and continues!

In 2023 we are planning to bring Share Bristol to South Bristol, opening a second library in Bedminster. But this costs money that we can’t afford from our existing membership subscriptions. Luckily, in March 2023 we secured a ‘match fund’ from Aviva Community Fund, meaning that for every pound donated, Aviva also donated a pound.  

Over the course of six weeks, 63 supporters donated just over £3,500, as did Aviva, meaning that we now have £7,000 towards the new library! We’re so grateful for everyone who helped us get to that huge number. And the publicity we gained from the campaign meant April was our busiest month ever for new memberships and borrowing. Win – win!

But there’s more good news – Aviva are allowing us to continue using the Crowdfunder and will continue to double donations until their funding pot runs out!

Annual membership of Share Bristol usually costs £50 per year, and then everything is free to borrow. However, we are offering gift certificates for a year’s membership for every £50 donated. So if you want to join the Library, you can donate £50 through the Crowdfunder page, receive a gift certificate to start your membership whenever you choose and Share Bristol will receive £100 in total! This will make a real difference to our funds, help our Kingswood library be on a firmer footing and help us open our BS3 branch. 

But one of the principles behind Share Bristol is that borrowing should be affordable for everyone, so Concession memberships for people receiving benefits are £20 for a year, and every £20 donation will also attract a £20 gift voucher – enough for a year of membership for someone on a low income, or a down payment for a Standard Membership. 

The takeaway from all of this is: if you’re going to join Share Bristol, please donate through the Crowdfunder page, as we will get double the income thanks to Aviva. 
You can find out more and donate here: