‘Maybe May’ for Share Bristol Bedminster

Share Bristol Bedminster MAY be coming soon….

We have been talking about opening a Library of Things in Bedminster for many months – we were thinking about April, but then it seemed like it may be May, but it is now actually happening! 

Anna Ralph, one of our Trustees, says: ‘After months of preparation and hard work, we are opening the doors of Bedminster’s Library of Things for the first lending session on Wednesday 1st May. However, this is very definitely a gradual opening, so we are calling this ‘Maybe May’ for Share Bristol.’  

But what does Maybe May mean? Well it means we’re taking our first steps at running a Library of Things across two locations and it MAY not all go smoothly as we would like but MAYbe you can help us with that by volunteering some time or donating a Thing to lend out? 

So Maybe May means bear with us, we’re working hard to get Share Bristol Bedminster open as soon as possible so people can start sharing, but it isn’t going to be perfect from day one. When we opened Share Bristol Kingswood we only opened on Saturdays until we recruited more volunteers, and had about a fifth of the Things to borrow we have now! Share Bristol Bedminster is already off to a stronger start though, thanks to the fantastic support of our south Bristol volunteers and supporters. 

We’re hoping that with the doors open we will recruit even more volunteers and get more donations of Things to lend out, so do have a think about whether you can spare some time or have something in your house that you never use which could be of use to the community. 

We’re working on an official opening in June, but until then we will be open on Wednesdays from 12 to 2pm and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. And if these opening times don’t suit you or we don’t have the Thing you want to borrow, remember that when you join Share Bristol you can borrow from Bedminster or Kingswood Library of Things – you just have to remember to pick the Thing up from the right place, and drop it back to where you got it from. 

So, MAYbe (hopefully) we will be seeing you in Bedminster soon! (Or Kingswood). And thank you so much for your patience!

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