Bedminster Recruitment

Sharing could be heading south

It will soon be two years since we excitedly grabbed the keys for Bristol’s first Library of Things, located on Kingswood High Street. We’ve got an established team of volunteers running the show, a Library Manager working 15 hours a week to keep everything and everyone under control, a couple of hundred members and over 500 things to borrow.

However, our current location is only really convenient for those in east Bristol and Kingswood, and those with their own transport of course. It’s always been our ambition to make borrowing accessible for everyone across Bristol.

And in 2023, that might become a reality….

We’re often approached by people who want a Library of Things in their corner of Bristol. There’s a few things that need to stack up – a Share Bristol location needs cheap or free premises, good numbers of people walking past, transport links and parking nearby, a bit of money to fund the set up of the premises, a strong local community who are happy to change their habits and borrow instead of buy, and local volunteers to run the lending sessions.

But we also need enthusiasm, time and skills from one or two people who can coordinate everything and make it happen, with help from our existing team of course.

We’re currently in talks regarding premises in East Street, Bedminster, near Southville. This looks like a really good option, with the stars aligning. However we need that person with good knowledge of the area and some time and enthusiasm to make it happen! They would be invited to join our Director team and play a role in shaping how Share Bristol develops in the future too.

Could you be that person, or maybe you know someone that fits the bill?

Our current Director team are keen and happy to help, but we are busy running the organisation and the existing library of things (as well as our day jobs!), and lack ‘boots on the ground’ knowledge of Bedminster.

We need someone who can:

  • oversee the set up of the premises – furniture, racking, decorating and so on
  • coordinate the local donation of things, so we have lots to share when we open
  • work with local organisations to make sure that everyone knows who we are, and that we are working in partnership and collaborating wherever possible
  • generate publicity and excitement in the Bedminster area
  • research and agree on the best opening times
  • lead the recruitment of volunteers to staff the library, including trusted keyholders
  • lead the drive to attract members to join the library
  • volunteer to lead lending sessions when the library opens, whilst we continue to grow the volunteer team and potentially get the funding to employ someone part-time

The existing team can help with:

  • securing the premises and associated services e.g. utilities
  • making funding applications
  • social media, website presence etc
  • health and safety requirements
  • budgets and financial management
  • sourcing things to borrow, and storing things until the library is ready
  • setting up the new library on our existing lending software
  • transferable paperwork e.g. volunteer forms, interview questions, policies and procedures
  • all the governance around running an organisation e.g. Companies House returns
  • being extra pairs of hands when needed

If you’re local to the Bedminster or Southville area and can lend a hand, then please get in touch. Even if you don’t think you can take over the coordination role or don’t want to be a Director, please get in touch and let us know what you could offer an East Street library of things, and we will be in touch in due course.

Pop in and see us in Kingswood when we are open for a chat, or email us at to tell us a bit about you and we will get back to you.

Or you can jump right in and apply to be a Director! As well as someone to take the lead in Bedminster, we are also looking to increase our capacity and expertise in the Director team by recruiting someone with strong marketing and engagement expertise, plus a finance lead. Pass it on! A new opportunity, for you and us? | Share Bristol – A Library of Things