COVID-19: Keeping each other safe

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So that we can welcome as many of you as possible into the space safely, here’s our commitment to you and what we ask of you in return.

What we’re doing

  • All volunteers will be washing their hands regularly
  • During our lending sessions on Saturdays, our volunteers can choose if they wear a mask but all will have a mask with them so they can put one on if that is your preference.
  • Limiting visitors to a maximum of two visitors inside the library at any one time, and asking others to wait outside

What we ask you to do

  • Stay away from the library if you, or anyone you have come into contact with, has recently shown symptoms of COVID-19
  • We recommend that you do not come into the library if you are in a high-risk category for COVID-19
  • Wait outside if there are already two visitors inside the library
  • Hands: Sanitise your hands when entering the library
  • Face: We welcome those wearing masks or not
  • Space: Keep a sensible distance away from others

Thank you for helping to keep our community safe. If you have any questions please do get in touch with us at